Comparison between Patek philippe and Rolex watches

Patek philippe belongs to the blue blood nobility, featuring elegant and luxuriant temperament and handsome charm, and the watches models are almost dressy style, no matter simple or complicated, including the super complex watches or even the Nautilus series watches which are famous for its sporty style! There are numerous classic models, if discussing the value appreciation, Patek philippe watches are winning! Rolex is belong to the powerful General standing out of the group, with the straight and tall and domineering temperature, wrist watch series almost are popular to become a classic. For the Patek philippe Professional series watch, its status is irreplaceable. If for the best choice of daily wear, it is surely the Rolex watch that will be the best.. Simply speaking, Patek philippe is a nice collection, Rolex is a practical fighter. Patek Philippe is low-key costly and noble, rolex is the exposed brand. Patek Philippe devotes its efforts to make the highest grade works and top watches, Rolex creates the luxury and water-resistant watches.

Although the level is different, the Patek Philippe and Rolex has a lot of similarities, their industry status and reputation are accumulated over years, and even under the competitive environment they also maintained a relatively higher yield and quality. If the top luxury watches are as a kingdom, Patek Philippe is obviously the king, and rolex is the guard at the door. Rolex is top for the average person and it also is not particularly impressive, Patek Philippe is a work of art and it is a kind of loneliness, is a kind of dreamy item that can’t always have, but not necessarily it can represent the you now.

No matter for the watchmaking craftsmanship, or the culture inheritance, Patek Philippe and Rolex are two brands that worthy of special respect. After hundreds of years baptism in the wind and rain, it can be a king and Overlord in the watch altar, also it is the choice of history.