How to Choose Sporty Watches?

1)Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Dive Watches
If you said that the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak looks just solid, the Royal Oak Offshore then is the real sporty watch. Royal Oak Offshore is a branch of the Royal Oak series, and it is a big bold breakthrough in the classic luxury sporty watch. The Royal Oak Offshore Diver watch is equipped with safety device that can control diving time, and the watch movement is protected by magnetic shields, to let the hair spring and escapement devices not affected by magnetic field, at the same time can be free from interference by collision or temperature difference. Watch bottom cover screw, locking nut, and royal oak unique hexagonal screw can seal the wrist watch, to let the watch case look like watertight diving tank, and the water depth can reach 300 meters. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore is a top luxury watch and it is a rare sports watch.

2)Casio G-SHOCK series
Casio G-SHOCK series is the most classic sporty watch. Though it is quartz watch, it is the watch series that focuses on the sporty watches. no matter you are on the mountain, under the sea, or taking the extremely limited sports, Casio G-SHOCK series watches can meet all your needs. This is a sporty series which should have characteristics. G – SHOCK is created, and is the result of a simple belief: creating a watch that never won’t be broken. Since 1983, Casio G SHOCK watches with innovation, anti-seismic concept and powerful function design became famous. G – SHOCK created unprecedented “SHOCK watch” concept, to subvert the traditional attitude to give the watch brand new concept, and set off a global G – SHOCK culture, and there are countless people kneeling at the G-SHOCK watches. And now more and more people paying attention to the Casio G-SHOCK watches.