Replica Hublot Big Bang Watches

After the end of 2013 Basel Watch Fair which was a period of peace time when no new type of watches were launched, Replica Hublot once again rolled out a brand-orientation watch with strong sense of revolution, the Ferrari limited edition. Replica Hublot and Ferrari began their cooperation in November 5th, 2011 and within 2 years achieved a lot. rolex watches Replica Hublot Big Bang series has many members from this combination. In the 2013 Basel Watch Fair, Replica Hublot even launched a Mp-05 watch with an amazing 5 barrels, which broke the record.

Once again in 16th July, Replica Hublot launched a Big Bang Ferrari Beverly Hills which incorporated the sport spirit from Ferrari’ fleet and Replica Hublot’s new material, adding new bloods to it. The same materials applying to different parts and Ferrari feature the Replica Hublot Big Bang series. We will start looking at the bezel. It is made of ceramics and is processed with polishing and then 6 black PVD Titanium screws are set here to fix the bezel. That symbols the Bing Bang. The application of ceramics can reduce the weight of watch and improve the capability of corrosion-resistance. As this rarely can be seen in normal watches, it is a feature of high-class watch.

In terms of its function, it has a date display in 3 o’clock and is displayed through an aperture. Through the dial we could even see the rotation of date dial. Date display is a basic function in normal watches and it is enough for the daily use. The chronograph is made of central small second and 60-minute second dials. To such a watch, chronograph for the car race is needed and all of this are the standard configuration among the Hublot Big Bang family. And it is a great choice for those who are going to buy a replica watch with budget price but high collector value!