Rolex’s Key to Conquer Deep Sea

When diving, knowing what time is pretty important and hereby it is necessary to own a firm watch that is work precisely. In 1988, Comex, A French Diving company, carried out its Hydra mission and reached 534 meter depth which set a new record to the world deep diving records, during which what divers wore on their hands were Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller.
Diver’s Watch
Resisting air pressure
In 1953, scuba diving was in the primitive stag while Rolex had developed a diving-oriented watch, which was known as Oyster Perpetual Submariner with a 100 meters of water-resistance depth. In 1954, that has increased to 200 meters. Owing to its excellent performance, Submariner soon became a cult item among professional divers who later helped Rolex improve Submariner’s performance.
In 1962, diver in California dived into 313 meters which broke the record. Apparently, they need a new watch. The fact that Rolex tied its trial watch to a submarine and then was brought to 11000 meters proved that Rolex is capable of improving the performance of Submariner.
Sea-Dweller 4000

In 2014, Rolex once again present to public with this improved watch-Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller 4000. When the Rolex Sea-Dweller reference 16600 was taken out of production at the Rolex facilities in Geneva, a lot of admirers probably shed a little tear.
It reaches 40 mm in diameter which makes it looks grand and reaches 1220 meters of water-resistance depth. What’s more, many latest techniques of Rolex are adopted on Sea-Dweller, including anti-scratch and anti-ultraviolet materials, luminous display Darachrm hairspring and Rolex extended system and what top above, Helium escape valve.
Perhaps this is just the perfect modern Rolex sports watch again. No fancy polished center-links like the GMT-Master II and no cyclops as seen on the Submariner Date model, but it is really a great choice for you to go diving.