Are you a Star Wars fanatic?

Star Wars is a story about the adventures of Star Wars characters.

The mystical power known as the Force is described in the original film as “an energy field that is created by living things .. Batman Costume that is what binds the galaxy. “Through the practice of meditation and training, those whom “the Force is strong with” are able to perform different superpowers (such as psychic telekinesis and precognition and manipulation of energy).

The Force can be utilized by two major knighthood orders at war with each other: Jedi, who use arbitration or non-attachment in order to act using the Force’s light side, while the Sith, which use fear and aggression to manipulate utilize the dark side. Although Jedi Knights can be numerous, the Dark Lords of the Sith (or “Darths”) are intended to be limited to two: a master and their apprentice.

As with other 20th century space operas Laser-powered blaster guns are common among both militaries and rebels of the galaxy. Jedi and Sith prefer to make use of sword-like lightsabers, which are able to cut through almost any surface Nier:Automata Cosplay Costume They also block laser bolts, as well as similar swords.

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