How do I play Aeris in Final Fantasy XV.

The name Aeris is derived from the homonym of the English word EARTH. This suggests that she protects the fate of the earth.

She is an ordinary girl and yet she is more gorgeous than an angel, more pure than the goddess Loki Cosplay ..a girl in a pink dress and maroon curls, become an image that people love to look at. Aeris is a victim of a tragic fate. She has lost her parents, as well as her first love. Her face is always a smile The Legend Of Zelda Costume She saved her friends several times throughout her short travels, and finally sacrificed her life in order to protect the planet… cute and quiet perfectly blended in Aeris and makes people feel comfortable and not boring.

Aeris is an old-fashioned species, and has lived an extremely difficult time in her life. Her father was killed , and her mother was taken away to do human experiments. Then, her mother sacrificed her life to save her from the den. It was a happy and happy family. The family was then adopted. But, this painful experience has helped her develop into a mature person. She is able to see past death and the complexities of life. She is no longer bitter about the passing of her parents neither does she want to be the perpetrator of tragedy. She’s only concerned about the fate of the human race.

Aeris is hiding her true self. When she has a good time with her friends she’s more vibrant and pleasant. She has always hidden her inner world because she thinks there are very few people around the world who really understand her. There is no way to predict the future of the world. Only she can see the dangers that loom over the globe. To fight the evil forces from ancient times, she leads her partners to embark on a quest to change the course of their destiny. Her combat skills have improved greatly with the help of her friends at the Ancient Species Temple and Sleeping Forest. She is nearing the end of her life.

Aeris is always awake and sad. The reason for her sobriety is for her sadness. She is unable to comprehend her love, because her loving heart always cares for the safety of the planet.

Aeris is a mature and charming person. Aeris uses humor to encourage and comfort people. Her unique gentleness is the consequence of this.

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