Vampire Knight Cosplay Guide

Cross Yuki, aged five she lost her parents. Kuran Kaname was the vampire blood-king of pure blood who saved them. They were remanded to Cross Academy where they lived with their peers and noble vampires. Peaceful living Spider Man Cosplay Costume Kaien is the name given to it. Kaien has adopted Kiryu Zero as their Kiryu Zero.

As a child of Yuki and was in love with her, but the love triangle was not warm. Until Hio Shizuka came to the Cross Academy. This would break the long-lasting solid relationship between Hio Shizuka and her as her life starts to fade.

In the year 2000, “Vampire Knight” revived the long-awaited female anime each character is very attractive and appealing, so let us revisit and review it Captain America Cosplay Costume

Cross Yuki

Cross Yuki/ Kuran Yuki is the adopted daughter of Cross Academy. She begins as a human. She wears a uniform from a college with a white.

She carries the Artemis rod to shield herself and the other day students of the class from vampires. Yuki is very close to Kiryu Zero. She vows to help him after she finds out that he’s become vampire. Kuran Kaname is her other important relationship. She has been with her since her childhood and he was the one who saved her from being attacked by vampires. In the end, she found out that Kaname was also her brother and fiancé. She is generally a sweet person, kind, cheerful and funny character, however she is naive and careless, and performs poorly when it comes to her academics due to spending most of her nights as an ad hoc Guardian.

In the next chapter of the novel, Yuki is revealed to be the daughter of a Pureblood vampire. She is also the daughter of Haruka Kuran and Juri Kuran. The character of Yuki is basically the same , even when she was a vampire once more. After Kaname gives his heart to the fire that makes the anti-vampire weapons Yuki was blessed with an infant daughter she created with Kaname and later also another child born to Zero.

Kuran Kaname:

Kuran Kaname, a pureblood vampire who saved Yuki when she was a little girl from being attacked by Level E. Kaname is believed to be one the original vampires and founder of the Kuran family. After being awakened from Kuran Rido and taking the Kuran’s son’s first as sacrifice, he raised Haruka’s and Juri’s child, Yuki’s brother. He worked together with Kaien Cross to create the Night Class in order to promote peace and co-existence between vampires and humans.

In the beginning of the arc, Kaname spends his time in the fight to protect Yuki, which includes killing Hio Shizuka and fostering Zero Kiryu’s powers. After Rido’s attack on the school, Kaname destroyed the Senate. After the time-skip, Kaname plans to wipe out all Purebloods with the exception for Yuki. He even proposes his heart to the furnace that makes anti-vampire weapons. His body is kept frozen by Hanabusa. Kaname’s notes on transforming vampires into humans without sacrificing the essence of a Pureblood are discovered by Hanabusa, who perfects the technique. After several centuries have passed the furnace has to be closed. Kaname is resurrected as human by Yuki; their daughter Ai Kuran along with Yuki’s and Zero’s daughter Ren, pass on a message from Yuki stated that what she sees as a person is the same as what she imagined it.

Kiryu Zero:

Kiryu Zero, is unique being both a vampire hunter as well as a vampire.He wears a black university uniform.

Yuki’s closest friend as well as Cross Academy Guardian, he was taught to be an vampire hunter under Toga Yogari. Zero lives with Kaien Cross and Yuki, after being bitten by the Pureblood vampire Hio Shizuka. He also murdered his family. Zero was initially a gentle person by nature, however, his hatred for vampires and distrust for them.

He is a victim of a tattoo on his neck that allows the restraint of an ornament that temporarily disables him and allows him to enter the Hunters’ Alliance’s headquarters. Zero hates Kuran Kaname and believes that he serves as a shield for Yuki. Zero is in love with Yuki and tries to hide it; his feelings left him temporarily perplexed after Yuki was revealed to be a pureblood vampire, but Zero was still in love with her. In the anime’s final episode, Zero lets her drink his blood which allows Yuki to see what he thinks of her.

Every character is either loved or hated. The cartoon is filled with the romance of love, and all the characters’ clothes are filled with gothic romance. It’s clear the reasons why you may also enjoy it. You can play these characters through purchasing similar attire from Vampire Knight Cosplay Costume Shop Online.